DeDeDe's Minions Ep. 2

2009-08-01 16:40:09 by Rocker23220

A flash project that I lent my voice to, is up. So go watch it, grade fairly, and all that. And for those of you looking for voice actors, look at the character 'Takeshi'. That's me, and one of the voices I can do. So if you like it, or have an idea for a voice acting role, go ahead and PM me. Or not. It's your choice.


DeDeDe's Minions Ep. 2

And, of course, I must give credit where credit is due. Thanks HyperGumba, for giving me the opportunity to try this.

Keep up the good work.

Uploaded Audio Question

2009-07-17 03:24:42 by Rocker23220

Being my two audio files were the only two I've done, I have to ask a question.....

What do the people do with the files they download?????
I can understand music files...but a six second voice clip?

I mean....Im honored, I guess....but what do the people do with them?

Anybody have any idea?


I don't even have to see any of the other conferences, my video game thirst has now been quenched.

Best conference ever?
I believe so.


2009-05-22 03:12:49 by Rocker23220

*angry rant for all you TF2 players out there*

I think this latest update is the worst ever, at least with the way you get weapons. Before you would earn them by completing achievements. I would feel proud once I finally did enough to unlock the weapon. Now Valve is just handing them out like candy. You can now receive items by something as simple as standing in place. It takes all the fun out of getting the achievements and the items.

They need to go back to the old system.

On 'Castle Crashing the Beard'
Fun game, but takes a long time if you wanna do it right.
I feel happy that I finally accomplished to do that with agame. Haha.

I was perfectly happy with keeping my lvl. 13 razor, due to the fact that it reminded me of Sweeney Todd. I only voted on 4 submissions a day, so I could still vote, and keep my level. It had been half an hour since the newest Newgrounds day started, and I hadn't voted on anything yet. I voted on my first flash, and it said the points were deposited, and promoted me to lvl. 14. This sucks.



Well, I'm throwing in the towel. Plus, I'm too late for submission anyways. I can do some voices and things, but I'm no writer, and I couldn't make up a script good enough. Sorry to let the judges down.

Still waiting to hear more about those other two flashes


Voice Acting Work

2009-03-05 14:25:43 by Rocker23220

Well, I've started getting into the realm of voice acting. I've been casted for three different flashes, and provided my lines for one of them. The other two, I haven't even heard from, so I'm not exactly sure what's going on.

When I learn more about it, I'll make sure to post it here (even though I doubt anyone will read it).



EDIT: Alright, I heard from one other author, but the last one was the one I was first cast for, but haven't heard from in forever. Oh, well....Haha